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Cobra Grip PRO Weight Lifting Grips LEATHER (1 Pair)

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Many just aren't thick enough to function well as a grip pad, leaving you with chaffing despite having used protection.
Others may be thick but feature awkward wrist wraps and have ill-fitting designs that are a different kind of pain!
Plus, having to carry grips, straps and hooks in your gym bag is a hassle you just don't need.
Fortunately, there is a way to get the protection you need without compromising your performance or over-stuffing your gym bag...
Cobra Grips  are the solution! Cobra Grips Pro leather are unlike any other gym gloves alternative on the market today, and are so advanced that we're patenting their exclusive technology.
What you won't get is the hassle of having to adjust separate wrist wraps, as the wrist bands are built right into the Cobra Grips™ for maximum comfort and convenience.
Made from flexible neoprene, Cobra Grips™ Pro grip measure 6 millimeters in thickness, so they provide ample cushioning that can outperform any grip pad sold on this website.
The no-slip design keeps your hands perfectly positioned on the bar with none of the sliding you can experience with ordinary lifting straps.
The ergonomic design ensures the safety of the fingers, hands and wrists, and the lifting grips are fully adjustable, so you'll never be held back by awkward gloves again.
You can use Cobra Grips™ for all types of pulling and pushing moves.
Cobra Grips can be used for any type of pushing or pulling exercises. When you’re doing a pushing exercise, like a bench press, the grip lays against your palm and protects your hand from the weightlifting bar. You’ll never have to worry about blisters or calluses again! When you’re performing a pulling exercise such as a dead lift or chin-up, you’ll notice that Cobra Grips give you excellent grip strength and totally eliminate grip fatigue..

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