Brain Magnesium 50 mg (90 vcaps)

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Doctor’s Best Brain Magnesium contains Magnesium L-Threonate from Magtein, a unique magnesium compound that helps support the health of neurons and synaptic plasticity. Magtein helps support healthy levels of magnesium essential for brain connections (synapses) that facilitate learning, memory, concentration, and all other cognitive functions.

Magtein performs better than other magnesium compounds for synapse support and is a breakthrough in brain health.*


  • Unique delivery of magnesium into the brain
  • Vital for memory, learning, concentration
  • Promotes stability and adaptability of brain connections (synapses)
  • Vegetarian
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Cognitive impairment is when we have trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making everyday decisions. Cognitive impairment can range from mild to severe. With mild impairment, people may experience cognitive function changes, but still be able to undertake everyday activities.

Severe impairment can mean inability to understand the meaning or importance of things and even inability to talk or write, which can result in loss of independent living.

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